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9 Ways to find a Roommate that isn’t Certifiably Insane!!

Finding a roommate can be tough and sometimes feel overwhelming.  If your roommate’s quirks are just a little beyond the threshold of what is considered reasonable human behavior, it can make apartment living pretty stressful. Whether you’re looking for a place to live or seeking someone to live with you, it’s important to find a compatible match. Fortunately, finding a good roommate isn’t impossible. Before you say “yes” to the first random person that responds to your online ad, follow these tips.  With a little diligence, you can find an excellent roommate.

1. Meet in person.

Never agree to a living situation without meeting face to face. You want to make sure there’s good chemistry and the person doesn’t seem unsafe or unfriendly. Meet up in a neutral location, like a coffee shop, and chat to get to know a little about each other.  If you’re showing your apartment, meet up at a neutral location first before bringing over the potential roommate. It’s a good idea to have a friend or family member in the apartment with you for safety.

2.Find out why they’re looking for a new place.

If you’re having someone move in with you, ask them why they’re looking for new apartment house rentals. This can be a good way to identify red flags. If someone has a reasonable need to move, such as wanting to be closer to work or family, this is a good sign. However, if they mention things like roommate drama may be difficult to live with.


3. Ask about a potential roommate’s lifestyle.

Some roommates simply aren’t compatible. Think about your personal living habits and ask about the other person’s habits. Make sure the two of you have a similar lifestyle so you won’t clash too much.  Do they watch a lot of TV? Stay home all the time? Never home? Like hanging out? Like being alone? Work all of the time? Like loud music? Hates loud music? Vegan? Partiers? And so on. Get as much information as possible before you move in together. No one will be a perfect match, but honestly ask yourself if these habits are things you can live with.

4. Learn the person’s cleaning habits.

Chores are a common reason roommates fight, so make sure to ask whether they’re a neat person. You should also confess to your own cleaning habits. Few things can cause as many disagreements as cleaning habits, because everyone has a different idea of what constitutes clean. Do you expect your house to be spotless and tidy all of the time? Are you okay with a little clutter? Are you a slob? There is no right way of living, but it’s important people’s habits are similar. If you’re trying to assess how clean someone is in an interview, ask about his/her cleaning habits. If she says “it’s not a big deal,” she is probably pretty messy. If he suggests a regular cleaning schedule or splitting the cost of a housecleaner (a very good idea), he is probably a neatnik.  People can have different political opinions and tastes and live together harmoniously, but if you have mismatched cleaning habits, forget about it.

5. Make sure they can cover costs.

Asks about a potential roommate’s income and make sure it exceeds your rent and bills. You don’t want to be left lending your roommate money each month for rent.  In addition to a decent income, make sure they’re work is steady. If your roommate is working a temp job, for example, they may not be able to meet apartment rental rates for a few months. Money matters can strain an otherwise happy roommate situation. Get with your prospective roommate about every bill, the portion expected to pay and estimated monthly amounts. Get reasonable assurance that all parties have the ability to pay for said bills. This is a good time to bring up food costs. Some roommates are okay with sharing food and food costs, but many are not. Get clear how you want to handle that.


6. Check references.

It’s completely appropriate to ask a roommate for references. Ask for the phone number of their old landlords and a few previous roommates. Call these people to make sure your roommate was respectful and paid any bills in a timely manner.

7. Do a background check.

If you haven’t known someone for awhile, it’s always good to double check that they’re safe. Ask to run a basic credit check and criminal background check, which can easily be done online. You can also have a potential roommate get their credit checked and present you with the paperwork. If someone objects strongly to a background check, this is surely a red flag.

8. Choose someone similar to you.

Looking for a potential roommate is like dating–only more intimate. Don’t dismiss the red flags. Pay attention to the details. Look and listen for tip-offs and don’t dismiss them as coincidences. If you notice more than a couple red flags, chances are these things will get worse with time and exposure.  If you have a handful of good candidates, pick the roommate most similar to you. Choose someone whose lifestyle, cleaning habits, and personality closely mimic your own. Roommates with compatible personalities tend to get along the easiest with the fewest problems.

9. Get your agreement in writing.

When signing up to live with someone, get everything in writing.  Before you sign a lease, you should draft a separate roommate agreement to make sure you’re both on the same page about your living situation.In addition to financial responsibilities regarding rent and bills, also have loose agreements about having friends over, parties, chores, who is responsible for cleaning and whether or not you’ll share groceries. Having a roommate contract to refer to can prevent arguments down the road.

Congratulations! You’ve done it! Hopefully you’ve found the perfect roommate.

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